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May 4, 2024 Election
PUFF Endorsed Candidates (NEISD)

This election cycle, Parents United for Freedom is endorsing three amazing candidates. All are opposed by members of "the establishment."


Before Trustee Steve Hilliard was elected in 2020, the Establishment board hardly asked questions, had basically non-existent strategic vision or board-driven solutions to problems, and voted over 750 times in a row, in total agreement with what Central Office asked for (the board did split a vote on renaming Robert E. Lee.)  For years, parents, staff and even board members who asked too many questions have revealed they've been poorly treated by the Establishment. You expect this stuff in certain levels of government, but it's a SCHOOL DISTRICT!  We have GOT to get the politics out and the power back to the people. We have got to elect independent board members who haven't spent the last decade repeating the party line that everything is hunky-dory under an Establishment board majority while NEISD has been in decline.

We want a thriving school district where tax dollars are spent responsibly and with results to show for it. Safe schools? High performing? Included parents? Happy staff? Balanced budget? Those changes will require electing extremely smart, accomplished, courageous leaders who are not Establishment.  Our endorsed candidates have these characteristics and relevant "real world" experience unmatched by their opponentsThey lack ANY conflicts of interest that establishment candidates have.  If you support these visionary leaders, we can start seeing things turn around.



Parents United for

adapted from NEISD map

Steve Hilliard (SMD 6  Incumbent)

Lt. Col. (Retired) USAF

- K-12 Dad not a politician

-Staunch defender/promoter of parental rights and Constitutional due process at NEISD

-Achieved increased metrics, parent & teacher input, strategic planning, transparency, policy improvement, meaningful deliberation

-Advocates for fresh ideas, classroom safety

-“A Strong Voice for the People of NEISD”

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Dick "Raz" Rasmussen (for SMD 5)

Lt. Col. (Retired) USAF

-Retired USAF Officer, Dad, Husband

-Experience in executive leadership, multi-million dollar budgets, law, policy, personnel, other skills related to board service

-Competence & teamwork needed to make improvements

-Student Success, Support Teachers, Respect Parents; focus on basics, good curriculum

-“Proven Leadership, Proven Results”


Michael Gurwitz (for SMD 1)

-Retired Math Teacher at H.S. & College levels

-Business & Tax attorney

-Expertise in complex data, legal matters, policy, budgets, contracts, finance

-Father to 5, Grandfather to 10

-M.I.T. Graduate, B.S. in Math

-“Prepare Students for Successful Futures”


More to Come

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