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Parents United for Freedom is a positive movement
NEISD Donors to David Beyer, Shannon Grona, Sandy Hughey, include Letti Bresnahan, former administrators, Beth Plummer

Special Interest campaign money has been behind some of the same current NEISD trustees complaining of parents getting involved in school board races.


The above infographic contains best math calculations.  It reveals that ex-administrators and ex- board members are personally invested in who stays in control of the district.


Add big vendors to the campaign financing mix and what do you think?  


Has the NEISD board of trustees been representative of the parents and staff and taxpayers? Or, has the NEISD board of trustees been representative of a small crowd of establishment insiders?

Let's open our eyes and ask these questions because local media - with connections to the establishment - hasn't.

Videos about the NEISD SHAC School Health Advisory Council

Cat Videos! School Health Advisory Council for NEISD

MEOW, we had fun with these. Why is there suddenly fuss and hubbub about a SHAC that the district and media were silent on until pro-parent, pro-teacher conservative Christians took office? All of a sudden the media calls it "an important committee" LOLZ!  The past 3 or 4 Chairs of this committee (spanning nearly a decade) have cozy ties to two establishment board members. One Chair didn't even live in NEISD, and key figures knew it. Now that things are transparent, the establishment is groaning and stirring controversy. (On the bright sight, ongoing politicization and anti-transparency moves are a good excuse for a new cat vid!)

Contributions are not tax-deductible. They're political donations that will help make a big difference in improving the quality of beloved public schools in our area.

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