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Together, we can join efforts and voices to create a brighter future for our children, and for those dedicated teachers who do not like the direction education has taken.

The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation is the philosophy of government in the next.”
-Abraham Lincoln

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Parents United for Freedom is a grassroots effort to defend and protect parental rights within the school system and to reclaim our schools from any harmful agendas being promoted.

Through coalition-building within our communities we are fighting indoctrination in the classrooms throughout San Antonio, Texas.

We want the restoration of healthy, non-political education for our children and demand accountability.

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Empowering the Parent

As Parents United for Freedom, we share our experiences, ideas, and talents, and discuss what we can do to support policies, efforts, and good board members. We also support certain candidates for public office who understand the situation our local community is facing, and who are eager to shift from the old ways of running things to something better for everyone.

When people in charge see our children as "dollar signs" attached to attendance, it is up to the parents to step in as full partners in education of our children.

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Whether the problems are at the state level or the local level, teachers have seen a movement in their profession to treating our kids like numbers and focusing on all the wrong things - political indoctrination and the latest "warm-and-fuzzy" fads that are really about making money.

This is expediting teacher burnout.  Parents need good teachers for their children, and Parents United For Freedom stands beside, and in support of, diligent, appropriate, academically-focused teachers who totally respect the parent-child relationship. 




We inform, advocate for, and work with candidates and officeholders of good character, who share our core values. They include things like liberty, equality, family, fiscal responsibility, rule of law, knowledge, and truth.

Education of our children must be done well to preserve these values, our objective is to hold officeholders accountable through exclusively peaceful and lawful means.

We recognize this upsets those who profit from the status quo or
who have disdain for the things we value.
It does not shake us.
It exposes how much we are needed.

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Whether you are quiet, bold, private or in full papa bear or mama bear mode, Parents United for Freedom needs your time, treasure and talents.

You can be part of a positive movement that we will be proud to tell our grandchildren about. You will know, you are not wrong. You are not blowing things out of proportion. You are not powerless. 


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Parents United For Freedom is a general PAC formed in the great State of Texas.

You may also contribute by check:
Parents United For Freedom PAC
P.O. Box 591074, San Antonio,Texas 78259

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